What Is Inspired Life?

The idea for Inspired Life has been in my mind for years…nagging at me constantly. I once started but my fear of an uncertain future caused me to abandon it for a more “practical” choice. Deep down I always thought that turning my back on Inspired Life was the wrong choice. But now I wonder if it all happened exactly to plan. You see, my detour gave me the skills and confidence I needed to make inspired life what it was always supposed to be. I was too young and fearful then. Now, as I face uncertainty, I choose to not turn away again. I choose to live an inspired life!

I know at first glance you’ll see many things on my site. Clothing , earrings, bags, …..material things. And you are probably thinking, “How is this different than any other site out there trying to sell me stuff?”

For me this site is so much more than just stuff. It’s a statement of my freedom, my independence, and my authenticity. With Inspired Life I’m taking my power back to choose my own path. To be unapologetically who I am without fear of judgment. Nothing on this site is just stuff. It’s a piece of me… it’s who I am…my truth! I only sell what I love and what inspires me. I make and curate items with the intention of positivity and love.

I want everyone who buys something or visits my site to feel free to live their own unique inspired life. It’s about the energy exchange and not just the monetary exchange. This is why YouTube, Instagram, and this blog will also be a big piece of the Inspired Life brand. It’s about me living an inspired life by doing what I love.

For the first time in my 35 years of being on this earth I am not focused on what others think of me. I hid this beautiful, unique, and a little weird side of myself away out of fear. Fear of not fitting in. Now, I’m being unapologetically me and living my inspired life by starting this business and through self-expression. And in doing so, I want encourage others to do the same. I want everyone to feel freed from society’s strict standards of normalcy.

 So, I encourage you to join me and live an inspired life. This is one of the many beautiful and positive ways we can change the world together!


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