About Us

Who is Inspired Life?

Inspired Life is a local black owned boutique based in St. Augustine FL. We specialize in providing unique and inspiring boho clothing, handbags, and accessories. Our goal is to be a retail business based on kindness, fair pricing, and inspiring others to live their own Inspired Life.

Retail should not just be about the bottom line. We believe that our customers deserve a business that truly cares and values everyone. We want every customer to feel great about shopping with us, so we devote 5% of our sales to doing random acts of kindness. 

I know at first glance you’ll see many things on my site. Clothing , earrings, bags, …..material things. And you are probably thinking, “How is this different than any other site out there trying to sell me stuff?”

For me this site is so much more than just stuff. It’s a statement of self expression, kindness, and authenticity. Inspired Life is about taking your power back to choose your own path. To be unapologetically who you are without fear of judgment.

Everything Inspired Life chooses to sell is carefully curated with the intention of positivity and love. I want everyone who buys something or visits my site to feel inspired to live their own unique inspired life. It’s about the energy exchange and not just the monetary exchange. Together we can prove that retail fashion businesses can be kind and successful at the same time!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to exude a sense of positive energy, inspiration, bohemian style, as well as creativity. We will build a strong emotional bond with our customers by being an inspiring place to shop for clothing, handbags, and accessories.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire each customer by delivering curated fashionable apparel, accessories, and decor to customers worldwide. We will provide a fulfilling and positive shopping experience to every customer every time.